About us

We, at the Wedding Matinee, are a team of wedding photographers and cinematographers based in Delhi and Goa. We provide our services across the country and even outside India as required. With a great understanding of wedding cultures, traditions and emotions, we have covered more than 250+ weddings in a span of 5 years.

When two people tie the knot, we sweat a little extra to record the sensation through our work.

The happiness in your tears, the excitement of dancing when you are drunk, the adrenaline when you see her for the first time walking in that beautiful red saree, the happiness and love pouring when you say I do. 

We believe into making a photograph that could speak, shout, cry and laugh; & films that could make you live the experience of a wedding! 

We believe that after your wedding, all you have are memories of the D-day. Your candid moments, a subdued smile, a tear, farewell every single thing is captured for ever and ever!

The Wedding Matinee, your wedding story.